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Terms and conditions for clients working with Jeru-Sitters and TLV-Sitters:

1. There is a three-hour minimum for each time a Jeru-Sitter/TLV-Sitter is used. If you get home before the 3 hours, you will be charged for 3 hours.

2. There is a one-sitter-per-family policy, unless clients discuss special circumstance with Leah beforehand. In all incidents where a sitter gets to a job and is watching children from more than one family, clients will be charged an additional $10 per hour.

3. If a Jeru-Sitter/TLV-Sitter is working longer than 5-hour shifts at a time, the client is expected to provide food for the sitter.

4. Jeru-Sitters/TLV-Sitters will have all clients’ credit card information PRIOR to their trip, but the card will not be charged until after the end of the work. Clients will be sent an itemized invoice of what they are being charged and will have the opportunity to pay the invoice themselves before the card is run.

5. Clients cannot give out any sitters’ numbers that they meet through Jeru-Sitters/TLV-Sitters to families and or friends. We work hard to find our sitters and they all know that it is against company policy to take independent work from clients and their connections.

6. In the same vein, clients may not call a sitter directly that they meet through Jeru-Sitters/TLV-Sitters.

7. If a client gets home at midnight, or any time when public transportation isn’t running (Chagim, Erev Shabbos/Shabbos) then Jeru-Sitters/TLV-Sitters will add the cost of the taxi to the invoice at the end of the job(s)

8. Jeru-Sitters/TLV-Sitters pays all sitters DIRECTLY and emails clients an invoice after the conclusion of the job(s) that they can pay by credit card. If a client mistakenly pays the sitter directly, they will still be sent an invoice from Jeru-Sitters/TLV-Sitters that they will be expected to pay or their credit card will be charged.

Thank you from Leah and the Jeru-Sitters/TLV-Sitters team!

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