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Real Testimonials From Families Who Have Used Jeru-Sitters and TLV-Sitters:


Hi Leah wanted to tell you that Lilly was such an amazing babysitter. She was soo great with my kids. She had such a pleasant and sweet personality. We were really happy with her. I would highly recommend her.  Thanks so much.
Ariella Berry
New York, New York


Hi Leah my daughter was completely delighted by your service…it’s efficiency.’s accommodation. .it’s professionalism and last but not least it’s representative. ..that lovely helpful gracious young lady….she was not only professional in her dedication to her “task”..but as I hear it quick to respond and shift gears as necessary. .the kids and my daughter adore her and I like her without any reservation..
and last but not least, so often we complain about services not rendered as we thought and don’t take the time to “extol” those who deliver above and beyond our expectations. ..thanks for being a service that truly delivers beyond. ….kol hakovod!!
Sara Flaschner
Jerusalem, Israel


Jerusitters has regularly provided me with reliable and trustworthy babysitters for almost 5 years. They are always responsive, helpful and provide the best sitters in Jerusalem.
Nicole Wexler
Jerusalem, Israel


Hi Leah I just wanted to thank you. Our babysitter was absolutely amazing. Tannia was so incredible with the kids and went above and beyond with everything. She was an absolute pleasure and made our trip so much more enjoyable. We just loved her! Thanks so much!
Aviva Berry
New York, New York


We can’t thank you enough for such great babysitters – both Carli and Natalie were amazing with our children and it gave us peace of mind knowing they were well cared for when we went out.
Amy and Neil Steiner
New York, New York


Traveling with a child or children can never be described as a vacation. It is hard work to keep your children happy and on schedule, especially when traveling halfway around the world to Israel. On our most recent trip to Israel we had the good fortune of using JeruSitters to help us with all of our babysitting needs. The sitters provided were competent and knowledgable. We used a number of different sitters throughout our stay and they all made us feel confident about leaving our child with them. The sitters are skilled enough to watch kids of any age. Our trips to Israel will never be the same – from now on, it will be vacation! Thank you JeruSitters!!
Sarah Strapp Prostak
Denver, Colorado


Dear Leah and Jerusittters,
Thanks for helping to make our Israel trip such a success. Staying in an apartment with 7 kids was quite a challenge. Without the extra help you provided us i am not sure how we would have managed. Anna, the sitter you arranged for us was always on time, extremely helpful and just a pleasure to deal with. We are happy to recommend your service whenever possible. what a super idea! Keep up the great work.
Jill & Adam K.
Queens, N.Y.


Thanks Leah,
I wanted to say that Geula was truly amazing! She was such a great help, so obliging and friendly, ayelet my daughter loved her even in her very tired state. She was more helpful than I could have asked or imagined. You have also been such a great help in finding Geula for us and also thanks for the last minute stuff for Yael. You are doing a special service for visitors like me. Amazing! Thanks Again!
Tova Archie
Sydney, Australia


The babysitter we were matched with through Jerusitters was nothing short of phenomenal. Jaime was equally adept with our newborn as she was with our 2 year old, making sure both children were well fed, clean and asleep in their cribs by the end of the night. Jerusitters allowed me and my husband to enjoy our evening knowing our children were in excellent hands and we will definitely be using the service again in the future.
Alyssa Magid
Jerusalem, Israel


Hi Leah,
Thank you so much for all your help this week. Each babysitter was punctual, helpful & just lovely! I will definitely be recommending your service to my friends in the future should they be travelling to Jerusalem.
Becky Tempelhof
Melbourne, Australia


A year ago my husband and I were in Jerusalem with our daughter (then about 1.5 yrs old) for 6 weeks during the yamim noraim and I have to say working with JeruSitters was amazing on so many levels. They were a pleasure, reliable and very qualified. Not to mention I didn’t have to call multiple sitters to find one that was available when we needed one! I not only used Jeru Sitters as a baby sitting service while we were there, but they even helped me find someone who could play with our daughter and speak to her in Hebrew exposing her to the language. Thank you Leah!
Nicole Katz Kavana
Miami, Florida


Hi Leah! Just wanted to thank you so much for sending Caroline to us. She was AMAZING with my kids and went completely above and beyond with them. My girls loved her and looked forward to her coming.
Stephanie Sokol
Woodmere, New York


Hi Leah,
We just had to write you a note to tell you how unbelievable Danielle is. She was the most amazing babysitter and we can’t thank you enough. Many of the other girls were great too, and I just wanted to thank you.
Erica Schwartz
New York, New York


Each girl you have sent over has been professional and most pleasant to work with. I was always pleased to observe that the sitters you sent to us genuinely made an effort to connect with our girls. And every time I came back to a home filled with smiling and laughing little girls.
Patrick Stayton


Lorena was amazing. We had to walk all over the place and be in different social situations and she was lovely and so elegant in her attitude towards everything. She was a great match for us. It really made our trip to Israel to be able to be flexible like that.
Kimmel Family
New York, New York


Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Hertzliya



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